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HD 1TB SATA 7.2k RPM 3.5" 6G Hot Plug para Dell ST1000NM0011

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HD 1TB SATA 7.2k RPM 3.5" 6G Hot Plug para Dell ST1000NM0011

Compatível com Servidores Dell PowerEdge T-Series: Dell PowerEdge T20, Dell PowerEdge T100, Dell PowerEdge T105, Dell PowerEdge T110 (Gen I,II) Dell PowerEdge T300, Dell PowerEdge T310, Dell PowerEdge T320, Dell PowerEdge T330, Dell PowerEdge T410, Dell PowerEdge T420, Dell PowerEdge T430, Dell PowerEdge T605, Dell PowerEdge T610, Dell PowerEdge T620, Dell PowerEdge T630, Dell PowerEdge T710, Dell PowerEdge R-Series: Dell PowerEdge R210 (Gen I, II) Dell PowerEdge R220, Dell PowerEdge R230, Dell PowerEdge R300, Dell PowerEdge R310, Dell PowerEdge R320, Dell PowerEdge R330, Dell PowerEdge R410, Dell PowerEdge R415, Dell PowerEdge R420, Dell PowerEdge R430, Dell PowerEdge R510, Dell PowerEdge R520, Dell PowerEdge R530, Dell PowerEdge R530XD, Dell PowerEdge R-Series: Dell PowerEdge R630, Dell PowerEdge R710, Dell PowerEdge R715, Dell PowerEdge R720, Dell PowerEdge R720XD, Dell PowerEdge R730XD, Dell PowerEdge R730, Dell PowerEdge R900, Dell PowerEdge R905, Dell PowerEdge R920, Dell PowerEdge R930, Dell PowerEdge C-Series: Dell PowerEdge C1100, Dell PowerEdge C2100, Dell PowerEdge C6100, Dell PowerEdge C6220, Dell PowerEdge M-Series: Dell PowerEdge M420, Dell PowerEdge M510, Dell PowerEdge M520, Dell PowerEdge M610x, Dell PowerEdge M630, Dell PowerEdge M710HD, Dell PowerEdge M830, Dell PowerEdge M915 Blade, Dell PowerVault M-Series: Dell PowerVault M1000e, Dell PowerVault MD1120, Dell PowerVault MD1200, Dell PowerVault MD1220, Dell PowerVault MD3000i, Dell PowerVault MD3060e, Dell PowerVault MD3200, Dell PowerVault MD3200i, Dell PowerVault MD3220, Dell PowerVault MD3220i, Dell PowerVault Storage Arrays, Dell PowerVault M-Series: Dell PowerVault MD3400, Dell PowerVault MD3420, Dell PowerVault MD3460, Dell PowerVault MD3600f, Dell PowerVault MD3600i, Dell PowerVault MD3620f, Dell PowerVault MD3800f, Dell PowerVault MD3800i, Dell PowerVault MD3820f Storage Arrays, Dell PowerVault M-Series: Dell PowerVault MD3820i, Dell PowerVault MD3860i Storage Arrays, Dell PowerVault N-Series: Dell PowerVault NF600, Dell PowerVault NX300, Dell PowerVault NX400, Dell PowerVault NX3000, Dell PowerVault NX3100, Dell PowerVault NX3200, Dell PowerVault NX3300 Network Attached Storage

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